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  • Europe On Your Own

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    Lake como

    Europe is filled with such diversity that it’s sometimes difficult to choose a destination to visit.  Between art, cuisine, outdoor activities and architecture one’s head can spin trying to decide.  So, here’s Europe in a nut-shell:

    Italy- great for couples looking for romance

    United Kingdom- great for families and history buffs

    France- for foodies, of course

    Greece- for instagrammers looking for that amazing sunset

    Try to determine what type traveler you are.  What’s your interest?  Then call your Travel Agent to set your plans in motion…….

  • Time to Visit or Re-Visit Mexico

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    If you haven’t been to the Pacific Coast of Mexico in several years, you really haven’t been there at all. 

    That’s why Americans are flocking there in record numbers. According to travel marketing firm MMGY, 2.9 million people travelled from the United States to Mexico.  In a recent Virtuoso survey Mexico ranked 2nd behind Italy as a ‘Top Family Destination’.

    This could be explained by the tremendous selection of upscale resorts.

    Grand Velas Los Cabos has children and teens’ clubs as well as a baby concierge making even the tiniest guests happy.  It’s been described by Forbes Travel Guide as “Los Cabos’ striking new beachfront beauty”.

     The One & Only Palmilla Resort, also in Los Cabos, is a beautiful seaside escape that sits on 55 acres and offers 174 guest rooms.  Besides a 20,000 square foot spa, 2 infinity edge pools and restaurants offering mouth-watering delights, the resort offers a 90 foot yacht for day use by guests.

    But Mexico is more than family friendly.  New resorts are attracting sophisticated travelers who look for all-inclusive luxury.   According to Apple Vacations, Breathless Resorts provide a new kind of All-Adult experience for singles, couples, friends who want the ‘best of everything’ vacation.

    Gogo World Wide Vacations provides escapes for couples at high-end luxury Dreams Resorts in Los Cabos while girlfriend getaways are prevalent at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos.

    The Solaz, a Luxury Collection resort, recently opened amid 34 acres offering 128 guestroom and 21 residences with private entrances as well as artisan butler service.

    Puerto Vallarta is a hit among young adults.  According to the MMGY survey, 11% of Millennials and 9 % of Gen Xers plan to visit within 2 years.

    Mazatlán is also making a comeback.  In 2017 Mazatlán saw an 8% increase in international visitors.  Always known for deals, a visit to Mazatlán now provides value with upgraded accommodations. Many hotels have updated rooms, restaurants, bars and beach areas.  And the Malecón boardwalk has been renovated with new sidewalks, better lighting and a dedicated bike path.

    Coming soon is the Nobu Hotel in Los Cabos, expected to open in early 2019.  San Jose del Cabo will open doors to Zadún, a Ritz Carlton Reserve property.

    Boasting ½ mile pristine beach, six restaurants and 5 pools with swim-up bars Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos will surely be a draw.

    With all the new and improved aspects of the Pacific Coast of Mexico, it may be time to re-visit.


  • Happy 100th Birthday National Parks

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    National Parks Celebration

    On Aug. 25, 2016 our National Park Service turns 100 years old and I think that’s a reason to celebrate.

    We live among some of the most spectacular sights in the world and they’re spread throughout our great nation.  From the Great Smoky Mountains and Acadia in the east to the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountains in the west, we have a wide variety of parks to enjoy.   Our parks range (pun intended) from huge, majestic sites like Bryce and Zion to small, historic sites like Thaddeus Kosciuszko (just fun to say).

    Our National Parks are not only about fresh air and nature.  They represent our history and people who have made our nation what it is.  Our parks are outdoor classrooms where every visitor is a student.  They are protectors of our beautiful, natural world.

    No doubt, there’s a National Park near you.  Plan a trip to visit and be part of a great celebration.

  • Salsa Hot Cuba!

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    Cuba Dance Salsa

                                                                  Been There, Done That?  Probably Not!

    Many travelers like to explore new destinations.  They like to be the first on the block to go somewhere, buy something or experience something great.  For those people Cuba fits the bill.  Not many Americans have been to Cuba due to government restrictions.  But, with those restrictions lifted, or at least loosened, one can be the first on the block to go to Cuba.

    However, travel to Cuba isn’t as simple as you may think.  If you’ve traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and think Cuba will be similar think again.  There will be no parking oneself on the beach towel and flagging down a bartender for a rum drink.  There will be none of that.  There will however be an attitude of friendliness among the locals and a true desire to know their visitors.  Cuba has a familiar feel while mixing Caribbean-style music and foods and American cars from the 1950s.

    Today’s travel to Cuba for Americans is restricted to ‘educational’ travel or ‘people to people’ travel.  The idea is to get to know the people and culture, as opposed to the just the beach bartenders.   Americans can visit via Fathom cruise line, one of Carnival Corp’s sister companies, or via an escorted tour with an approved tour company.

    Anyone who visits Cuba now will see the authentic Cuba.  Soon however, one will see a much more commercialized Cuba as many investors will seek to build hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.  In the not so distant future, Cuba will likely become the next Costa Rica or Dominican Republic.

                                                                                    It’s SALSA hot!





  • Gluten Free Travel

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    Gluten Free Travel

    Gluten Free Travel

    Each day across America, more people are turning to a Gluten Free diet to reduce symptoms of Gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease.  Navigating the Gluten Free world can be tricky but not impossible.

    As someone on a Gluten Free diet, I understand the seriousness of the matter.  For me, it’s a requirement not a trend.

    Being gluten free, allergic or intolerant of foods should not prohibit great vacations.  In fact, we have access to over 500 resorts boasting Gluten Free menus in the Caribbean alone.

    Most if not all cruise lines do a fabulous job of catering to people with food restrictions.

    Additionally, we have access to European vendors who take our dining requirements quite seriously.

    Also, people who are Dairy Free, Soy Free, Lactose Intolerant- you name it.   We're here to help you!

    So, get out there!   Eat Out!

  • Happy 4th of July America!

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    4th of July Travel

    Happy 4th of July!

    In honor of our nation's independence, our first blog will address  how and where Americans celebrate the 4th of July!  Every city celebrates differently and that's what makes this nation great.  One thing, every city agrees Fireworks!

    In Boston, reflections of the fireworks can be seen in the Charles River.  For a musical lift, the Boston Pops accompany a fabulous pyrotechnic show.

    New York City- find a rooftop and enjoy a spectacular show, thanks to Macy's.  Hudson River is where it's happening, but view's are seen from almost anywhere in the Big Apple.

    Las Vegas- What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- Right?  Not exactly.  4th of July celebrations light up the skies of all of Southern Nevada.  The friendly competition amongst hotels provide great entertainment for locals and tourists alike.  The celebrations take place for days, not hours.  

    San  Diego's Ocean Beach- Spend the day at the beach swimming, eating, sunbathing.  Then- don't leave!  Lay the blanket out and enjoy breathtaking displays from the Pier.

    Gatlinburg-  Home of the 1st 4th of July Parade each year- kicks off at midnight and winds down with a fireworks display for all those partiers still going strong!  A mid-day nap might be in order if you want to see a single spark!  Plan wisely.

    Big Sky - As if Big Sky isn't just perfect as is, add a fireworks display and Music in the Mountains...  Unbelievable!

    No matter how you spend this 4th of July, have fun!

    To plan your 4th of July trip for 2017, call us! 

    It's never too early to start planning fun!



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