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    Gluten Free Travel

    Gluten Free Travel

    Each day across America, more people are turning to a Gluten Free diet to reduce symptoms of Gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease.  Navigating the Gluten Free world can be tricky but not impossible.

    As someone on a Gluten Free diet, I understand the seriousness of the matter.  For me, it’s a requirement not a trend.

    Being gluten free, allergic or intolerant of foods should not prohibit great vacations.  In fact, we have access to over 500 resorts boasting Gluten Free menus in the Caribbean alone.

    Most if not all cruise lines do a fabulous job of catering to people with food restrictions.

    Additionally, we have access to European vendors who take our dining requirements quite seriously.

    Also, people who are Dairy Free, Soy Free, Lactose Intolerant- you name it.   We're here to help you!

    So, get out there!   Eat Out!

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