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  • Salsa Hot Cuba!

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    Cuba Dance Salsa

                                                                  Been There, Done That?  Probably Not!

    Many travelers like to explore new destinations.  They like to be the first on the block to go somewhere, buy something or experience something great.  For those people Cuba fits the bill.  Not many Americans have been to Cuba due to government restrictions.  But, with those restrictions lifted, or at least loosened, one can be the first on the block to go to Cuba.

    However, travel to Cuba isn’t as simple as you may think.  If you’ve traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and think Cuba will be similar think again.  There will be no parking oneself on the beach towel and flagging down a bartender for a rum drink.  There will be none of that.  There will however be an attitude of friendliness among the locals and a true desire to know their visitors.  Cuba has a familiar feel while mixing Caribbean-style music and foods and American cars from the 1950s.

    Today’s travel to Cuba for Americans is restricted to ‘educational’ travel or ‘people to people’ travel.  The idea is to get to know the people and culture, as opposed to the just the beach bartenders.   Americans can visit via Fathom cruise line, one of Carnival Corp’s sister companies, or via an escorted tour with an approved tour company.

    Anyone who visits Cuba now will see the authentic Cuba.  Soon however, one will see a much more commercialized Cuba as many investors will seek to build hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.  In the not so distant future, Cuba will likely become the next Costa Rica or Dominican Republic.

                                                                                    It’s SALSA hot!





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